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HisTory and MysTery:

Sunshine FM (Southend on Sea Pirate Station 1986-1989)
Supanova Radio ( Canvey Island & Southend on Sea RSL 1996/1997)
Freedom Overflow (Colchester 1997-2001)
Radio Mi Amigo (LV18 Harwich RSL 2002)
Radio Caroline (Dutch Cable 2002-2003)
Radio Seagull (Dutch Cable 2003)
EyeQ Radio (Miami 2003-2004)
Spyda Radio (London 2002-2004)
LIVE365 (Live Station 2004-2007)
Mixcloud Live (2020)
Mixlr Live (2020)
Mad Wasp Radio (Currently presenting 'Memory Lane')

Eternal Fusion was formed from the ashes of Supanova Radio in 2001-2002, influences are mainly from my own varied musical tastes but having listened to stations like Radio Caroline on 259 (UK Offshore station that played Adult Album Tracks), Breakthrough (Radio London), The Dave Fanning show (RTE2, Dublin) his late night show in the late 70's/early 80's after the Caroline ship Miamigo sank :( Then in the 90's discovered Freeform Radio from the USA in the shape of KFJC, WPRB, WFMU et al.

The 'Eternal Fusion radio show' began on Spyda Radio which was one of the first independent online radio stations in the UK.
Had a short stint on Radio Caroline in Holland (Now known as Radio Seagull).
From there we spent several months on EYEQ Radio in Miami before setting up a 24/7 station on Live 365 which ran until around 2007 when family and career matters took over.
Fast forward to 2020 (when the shit hit the fan!) we find ourselves on Mixlr putting out shows and mixes to a reasonable sized audience.
We moved to Mixcloud as we preferred their UI and Live option, most days going live again getting some nice feedback, these shows were
in the main mixes as opposed to voice tracked radio of which i can only listen to in very small doses now.
Early in 2021 we took out a 6 month license on Live365 again, expenses and the roboticness of it all prevented us from continuing, but with full retirement on the horizon who knows what will happen.
And here we are in the present day with a small loyal following, we are slowly going to try voice tracked radio again but in the main enjoy putting together long segues of music, i am in contact with a few online stations and may produce shows for them in the future.
We'll continue posting to Mixcloud for archival purposes plus we have a small audience there, always good to get the music out to as many peeps as possible.

Many genres of music are featured from our extensive collection:
Electronica, Ambient, Experimental, Psychedelia, Psychedelic Rock, Kosmiche, Punk, New Wave, Art Rock, Post Punk, Industrial, Space Rock, 
Krautrock, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Oldies, Ethnic, Musique Concrete, Jazz Fusion, World Music, Post Rock, Jazz, Avant-Garde, Reggae, Dub and much more.

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