Oct. 14, 2022

2 Years of The Mixed Bag Sessions

2 Years of The Mixed Bag Sessions

Happy 2nd Birthday 🎈🎉🥳🎇🎆

If my diary/calendar system is correct next week we mark 2 years of The Mixed Bag Sessions.
To commemorate this i have compiled an extended edition (around 4 hours) for your glistening pleasures which will be available next Monday 14th.
I won't be voice tracking this one so the music will pretty much flow continuously as intended.
Having recently compiled Aquarium Drunkard's Absolute Sons of Bitches: Global Fusion Grooves, 1970-1977
At almost 5 hours long lots of people are streaming in full, so proves that people are receptive to lengthy presentations.
I have been hesitant over the years in putting out long mixes/shows but may well extend the Mixed Bag Sessions to 3 hours in the near future.

Enjoy the music,
Have a great weekend

Here's the archive for all the sessions