July 8, 2022

Algae Rhythms 009

Algae Rhythms 009

Automated music selection mix from:
Otis Waygood, Neil Ardley, The Beta Band,
Krokodil, IQ, Madlib, Explosions in the Sky
and John Coltrane.

Otis Waygood - A Madman's Cry (00:00)
from Love, Peace & Poetry: African Psychedelic Music

Neil Ardley - Headstrong, Headlong (04:19)
from Harmony of the Spheres

The Beta Band - Dry The Rain (11:29)
from The Three E.P.'s

Krokodil - Lady of Attraction (17:26)
from An Invisible World Revealed

IQ - Closer (21:40)
from Frequency

Madlib - Duumbiyay (29:43)
from Sound Ancestors

Explosions in the Sky - Remember Me As A Time of Day (32:48)
from How Strange, Innocence

John Coltrane - Impressions (37:56)
from Impressions