Feb. 18, 2023

Algae Rhythms #023

Algae Rhythms #023

Algae Rhythms is a music mix generated by putting our music server in to shuffle play mode.
Surprisingly it does make some rather fine selections. 

Tracks from:::
Tangerine Dream, Cat Power, Miquela E Lei Chapacans, Neil Young, System 7, Sun Dial, White Heat, Arktis, Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Tangerine Dream - Circulation of Events
from Atem, 1973

Cat Power - Fool
from You Are Free, 2003

Miquela E Lei Chapacans - Siau pas poeta
from Miquela E Lei Chapacans, 2022

Neil Young - Alabama
from Harvest (50th Anniversary Edition), 1972/2022

System 7 - Work It Out
from 1989-90 Demos

Sun Dial - North Eastern
from Return Journey, 1993

White Heat - Talkin'
from White Heat, 1975

Arktis - Pique-Nique
from Arktis Tapes, 1975

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Messin'
from Messin', 1973

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