Feb. 25, 2023

Algae Rhythms #024

Algae Rhythms #024

Algae Rhythms is a music mix generated by putting our music server in to shuffle play mode.
Surprisingly it does make some rather fine selections. 

Tracks from:::
Freedom's Children, 49th Parallel, Frank Zappa, Mighty Baby, The Residents, The Beta Band, Hood, Pharoah Sanders, George Duke

Freedom's Children - Medals of Bravery
from Astra, 1970

49th Parallel - (The) Magician
from 49th Parallel, 1969

Frank Zappa - A Halloween Treat With Thomas Nordegg
from Halloween 77 Box Set, 2017

Mighty Baby - Sweet Mandarin
from Live In The Attic, 2009

The Residents - The Weaver
from Gingerbread Man, 1994

The Beta Band - The House Song
from The Three E.P.'s, 1998

Hood - Enemy of Time
from Cold House, 2001

Pharoah Sanders - Village of the Pharoahs Part One
from Village Of The Pharoahs, 1973

George Duke - Alone - 6AM
from A Brazilian Love Affair, 1980

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