March 11, 2023

Algae Rhythms #026

Algae Rhythms #026

Algae Rhythms is a music mix generated by putting our music server in to shuffle play mode.
Surprisingly it does make some rather fine selections. 

Tracks from:::
Ten Years After, Bloodrock, Bread, Earth And Fire, Agnes Strange, Moving Gelatine Plates, The Gun Club, Delivery, Motörhead

Ten Years After - I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes
from Ten Years After, 1967

Bloodrock - Dier Not A Lover
from Bloodrock 2, 1970

Bread - Let Me Go
from Guitar Man, 1972

Earth And Fire - 21st Century Show
from Earth And Fire, 1970

Agnes Strange - Motorway Rebel
from Strange Flavour, 1975

Moving Gelatine Plates - Breakdown
from Removing, 2006

The Gun Club - For The Love of Ivy
from Fire of Love, 1981

Delivery - Fighting It Out
from Fools Meeting, 1970

Motörhead - Capricorn (Live, 1981)
from Ace of Spades (40th), 2020

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