Jan. 10, 2023

Archive Series: Pastiche 006 - 23rd October 2020

Archive Series: Pastiche 006 - 23rd October 2020

From the Archives:
Pastiche was a Freeform music mix which somehow morphed into The Other Sessions.

Tracks from:::
Dick Van Dyke, Lord Sitar, Second Hand, Uri Geller, A Blaze of Colour, Here & Now, Daevid Allen, The Tower Recordings, Amp, Ivor Cutler Trio, 5th Dimension, Funkadelic, Neil Diamond, Tabla Beat Science, Ween, Zoogz Rift, Orb.

Mary Poppins - Let's Go Fly A Kite (Mary Poppins (Original Cast Sound Track) 1964)

Lord Sitar - Blue Jay Way (Lord Sitar, Columbia, 1968)

Second Hand - Revelations Ch.16 Vs. 9-21 (Death May Be Your Santa Claus, Mushroom, 1971)

Uri Geller - Velvet Space (Uri Geller, Polydor, 1974)

A Blaze Of Colour - An Addict Of Time (Against The Dark Trees Beyond, Noise Records, 1996)

Here & Now - Wot? No Drugs? (Wild & Free, Self Release, 2007)

Daevid Allen - You Never Existed At All (The Death Of Rock & Other Entrances, Shaghai, 1982)

The Tower Recordings - The Shape That Has No Shape (Folkscene, Communion Label, 2001)

Amp - You Are Here (Stenorette, Kranky, 1998)

Ivor Cutler Trio - Mud (Ludo, Parlophone, 1967)

5th Dimension - Orange Air (The Magic Garden, Liberty, 1967)

Funkadelic - Loose Booty (America Eats Its Young, Westbound Records, 1972)

Neil Diamond - The Pot Smoker's Song (Velvet Gloves And Spit, Uni Records, 1968)

Tabla Beat Science - Ap Ke Baras ( Live In San Francisco At Stern Grove, Palm Pictures, 2002)

Ween - Long Legged Sally Was A No Necked Whore ( 7",Various ‎– Teriyaki Asthma Volume VIII, C/Z Records, 1992)

Zoogz Rift - Kay Fabe Violation (Villagers, 1992)

Orb - Say Cheese In Dub (Smile You're On CCTV) (Abolition Of The Royal Familia, 2020)