July 5, 2022

Captain's (B) Log - Entry 001

Captain's (B) Log - Entry 001

Well the site has been open almost a month now so
here's what is happening etc

Shows/stuff due for release imminently:

Mixed Bag Sessions (Wednesday 6 July)
Progressive Leanings 1973 Part 4G (iirc) (Thursday 7 July)
Mixed Bag Murmurs 014 Podcast (Friday 8 July)

Working on an 'Echoes from the Spyda' mix reconstructed from a set list
from the 24th October 2004, going through the list/tracks it'll be a good one!
Also 'Other Sessions' and 'Heads...' shows/mixes on the horizon.
Haven't forgotten the Some Folks... mixes soonish!

I am aiming for an upload every day but i will be happy if we hit 5/7 TBH

Podcast is growing with every episode, so glad i tried this format out.
Thanks to the labels and musicians who provide the music for this,
and please always support them where you can.
If at any time you require more information about stuff played just shout.

Not heard back from Mad Wasp Radio about me doing Memory Lane each week but will report here and on social media if/when this commences.

Until next time 'may the fusion always be with you'