July 15, 2022

Captain's (B) Log - Entry 002

Captain's (B) Log - Entry 002

How Do?

Just a few items to report on so here goes.


The Mixed Bag Murmurs podcasts are still performing much better than originally forecast.
Audience wise we are receiving around 10x what we see on an average Mixcloud mix/show, proving yet again that Mixcloud is an unpredictable place to be at times.

New content/Show Syndication

Mi Amigo Memories is already gathering a fair bit of interest/listens as i thought it would.
Although music taste wise it is not where i am nowadaze but interesting to sort out the sounds and play them once again.
As mentioned previously these mixes will be sporadic but I will continue maintaining the Memory Lane shows as remain hopeful to get these on other outlets.
Talking of OTHER >
Other Sessions is being renamed 'This, That and the Other' as from next week, these will be 2 hour 'radio shows' and i will also be pimping these in the hope a station or two may be in a position to carry them.
Content wise as always here expect a delve in the past alongside selected new releases.

Currently i am in communication with two interested parties for Mixed Bag Session syndication as well.
Lots happening behind the scenes as always and I will keep everyone posted if anything new develops.



I am not making these posts on Mixcloud anymore there is no point as viewership and engagement for them is not what it should be.