July 23, 2022

Captain's (B) Log - Entry 003

Captain's (B) Log - Entry 003

Things to discuss ...

Working for Other Stations / Memory Lane

It's been an aim for a little while now to start producing some of my shows
for other radio stations/websites.
Please N.B. I will only produce shows for stations that meet my ethos and spirit.
I am currently in contact with a few interested parties but hold reservations
about committing myself further at this time.

Good news is Mad Wasp Radio have been very welcoming and having listened and heard the station's output their personality and spirit resonates and is a place where Memory Lane will now reside starting this Wednesday 27 July at 6PM UK time, hoping that people can support me there. Shows will be repeated at 8AM UK time on the following Monday. I will try and remember to post the archives of the shows at a later time.

Holidaze 🌞

Those that have followed me for the past few years will know i always have a
Summer break to spend quality time with family and friends, this year is no exception.
Expect some breaks in activity until Friday August 19th. I do have some archive and pre-recorded material to post here and later on Mixcloud and these are already scheduled to auto post at different times.
Please do not expect quick responses to email/messages and any social media posts as it does me good to totally disconnect from the system for a good few weeks to re-charge.

So... enjoy the music, enjoy the sunshine and stay well.