Sept. 15, 2022

Captain's (B) Log - Entry 005

Captain's (B) Log - Entry 005


Listenership here and on Mixcloud has been steadily increasing
these past months, Memory Lane did reach number one in
the Mixcloud 60's chart that was very encouraging.
I must urge people to favourite and ALSO repost the shows because
this feeds in to the Mixcloud algorithm which in turn helps overall exposure.


In recent months we have had listeners to various shows from the following countries, data also from Mixed Bag Murmurs podcast:

USA, UK, Peru, Germany, Canada, Czech Republic, Japan, Brazil,
Sweden, Romania, Denmark, Norway, France, New Zealand, Italy,
Portugal, Russia, Australia, Argentina, Greece, Spain, Slovakia,
Hungary, India, Netherlands, Phillipines, South Korea, Indonesia, 
Turkey, Israel, Taiwan, Finland, Vietnam, Mexico, Pakistan, Ukraine,
Bangladesh, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysisa,
Belgium, Egypt, Lithuania, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Bosnia &
Herzegovina, Belarus, Ireland, Chile, Tunisia, Colombia, Thailand,
Jordan, Dominican Republic, Slovenia, Nepal, Estonia, Venezuela,
Morocco, Jamaica, Iraq, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Georgia, Lebanon,
Guam, Iran, Malta, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Senegal,
Hong Kong, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago, Palestine, Serbia, Qatar,
Kenya, Moldova, El Salvador, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Luxembourg,
Ethiopia, Fiji, Uganda, Uruguay, Isle of Man, Bolivia, Afghanistan,
Seychelles, Mozambique, Kuwait, Mongolia, Macedonia, Nigeria,
Rwanda, Ecuador, Honduras, Mauritius, Tajikistan, Burundi, Barbados,
Ghana, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Togo, Nicaragua, Kosovo and Bulgaria.


An old friend will be reappearing in the next week or so in the shape of
'Some Folks We Used To Know' where we focus on music that has a 
Folky leaning, one of these days i will repost the previous mixes 
if i can locate them.


As always there is no fixed schedule as such, the new 'Eternal Fusion
Radio Shows' are weekly alongside Memory Lane, Mixed Bag Sessions and This, That and the OTHER.
Which brings me to the subject of the Podcast 'Mixed Bag Murmurs' which I
am now going to be publishing bi-weekly starting on the 23rd September.
Therefore there will be no Podcast this week, this is mainly due to not having
the time to compile it. We will look at this again in the new year.


Thanks as always to the 'regulars' who contribute financially, our target
is realistic and not over ambitious and hope to see this being fulfilled,
I kindly request that if we have given you some entertainment and you can spare a few dollars/pounds a month then we would really appreciate this.
Times are tough for all of us and on a financial level without support i may need to move on from this, it also applies to my good friends at Mad Wasp Radio that without listener support cannot survive.
The very last thing i want to be doing is having adverts/sponsors on the website and during shows, however my plan ongoing is to maybe co promote with labels.
I would request that musicians and labels please link back to our website, currently there are not many doing so.

Donation link is in our Linktree


To: You the listener (we see you are there) please communicate as it is
always good to talk.
To: Mad Wasp Radio for finding a home for Memory Lane
To: Cavern FM for finding a home for This, That and the OTHER


May the fusion ALWAYS be with you ✨

MT Sept 2022