Aug. 6, 2022

Come on Mixclouders you can do better than this!

Come on Mixclouders you can do better than this!

I am still a third of the way through my holiday but of course have been keeping a little eye on a few things as always.

Was impressed to see the listening minutes on Mixcloud so far, lets see this reach 100,000 minutes soon, also every listener PLEASE REPOST all our shows on Mixcloud as the repost figures are incredibly low? 😢

I know you can prove to me that Mixcloud is the place I should continue on with, even though the atmosphere and engagement can be extremely quiet most of the time 🤔

Latest Memory Lane i uploaded should be doing a lot better than this, unless of course every Mixcloud listener is listening every Wednesday on Mad Wasp

If no one bothers listening to these on Mixcloud then why should i continue posting there ? Just becomes a wasted exercise.

The Mixcloud channel now has over 400 different mixes/shows so plenty to choose from, so there can be no excuses 😉