Sept. 6, 2022

Eternal Fusion Radio Show - 06 September 2022

Eternal Fusion Radio Show - 06 September 2022

First of a weekly Mixcloud only radio show

Tracks from:::
Snapped Ankles, Bark Psychosis, Fred Frith, Ideal Free Distribution, Gang of Four, Dog Faced Hermans, Throbbing Gristle, Human League, Joni Mitchell, Music Convention, Patrik Fitzgerald, Bauhaus, Magic Mushroom Band, Hawkwind, Plankton Wat, Do Make Say Think, Tortoise and The Ex, Can, Primus and University of Errors

Snapped Ankles - Shifting Basslines of the Cornucopians (Forest Of Your Problems, 2021)

Bark Psychosis - From What Is Said to When It's Read (Codename: Dustsucker, 2004)

Fred Frith - Spring Any Day Now (Gravity, 1980)

Ideal Free Distribution - Son Of A Gun (Ideal Free Distribution, 2007)

Gang of Four - Paralysed (Solid Gold, 1981)

Dog Faced Hermans - Cactus (Humans Fly, 1988)

Throbbing Gristle - Rabbit Snare (Part Two - The Endless Not, 2007)

Human League - Dreams of Leaving (Travelogue, 1980)

Joni Mitchell - You Dream Flat Tires (Wild Things Run Fast, 1982)

Music Convention - Ballad of the Light Brigade (7" Single, 1968)

Patrik Fitzgerald - Animal Mentality (Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart, 1980)

Bauhaus - Watch That Grandad Go (12" Single, 1983)

Magic Mushroom Band - Invasion of the Flyin' Wotsit Thingies (Bomshamkar!, 1987)

Hawkwind - Running Through The Back Brain (Zones, 1983)

Plankton Wat - Klamath at Dusk (Drifter's Temple, 2013)

Do Make Say Think - Horripilation (Stubborn Persistent Illusions, 2017)

Tortoise and The Ex - Huge Hidden Spaces (In The Fishtank, 1999)

CAN - Networks of Foam (The Lost Tapes, 2012)

Primus - Erin on the Side of Caution (Conspiranoid, 2022)

University of Errors - I'd Rather Be With You (Jet Propelled Photographs, 2004)