Jan. 12, 2023

Eternal Fusion Radio Show - 12 January 2023

Eternal Fusion Radio Show - 12 January 2023

Tracks from:::
The Danse Søciety, The Pop Group, Ugh!, Soft Machine, Fleetwood Mac, Le Mat, Bardo Pond, Witthüser & Westrupp, The Advancement, Rovo, Jah Shaka, Benny Hill, Melodien, John Mayall, Renaissance, Cybotron, Ghost Box Orchestra, Hawkwind, Devo and Danielle Dax

The Danse Søciety - Dolphins
from 12" single, 1981/1983

The Pop Group - We Are Time
from Y, 1979

Ugh! - It's OK to Order Chrome
from Meat Fairies, 2005 (Elektrohasch Schallplatten)

Soft Machine - Spaced Seven
from Spaced, 1969/1996 (Cuneiform)

Fleetwood Mac - Man of Action
from The Original Fleetwood Mac (Reissue) 1971/2000

Le Mat - Waltz of the Fool
from Waltz of the Fool, 1983

Bardo Pond - Be A Fish
from Amanita, 1996/2021 (2LP Reissue on Matador)

Witthüser & Westrupp - Orienta
from Trips + Träume, 1971

The Advancement - Child At Play
from The Advancement, 1970

Rovo - Spica
from Flage, 2002

Jah Shaka - Smiling Dub
from Far-I Ship Dub, 1992

Benny Hill - Gather in the Mushrooms
from Golden Hour Of Benny Hill, 1972

Melodien - Ein Wenig E-Musik
from Participation Mystique, Deep Distance, 2014

John Mayall - Bare Wires Suite
from Bare Wires, 1968

Renaissance - Jigsaw
from Camera Camera, 1981

Cybotron - Medusa
from Colossus, 1978

Ghost Box Orchestra - From Darkness
from Vanished, 2013

Hawkwind - Green Finned Demon
from The Chronicle Of The Black Sword, 1984

Devo - Cold War
from Freedom of Choice, 1980

Danielle Dax - Toygit
from Timber Tongue EP, 1995