March 16, 2023

Eternal Fusion Radio Show - 16 March 2023

Eternal Fusion Radio Show - 16 March 2023

Another 2 hours of musical self-indulgence.
Therapy for Mixcloud-A-Holics everywhere!

On this show tracks from:::
The John Schroeder Orchestra, Ivor Cutler, Sun City Girls, Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians, Motörhead, Gnoomes, Nocturnal Projections, The Cleaners from Venus, Public Image, Pink Fairies, Toyah, Lords of Altamont, Human League, Idiot Flesh, 2 Lost Souls, Cloud Cult, Hen Ogledd, Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band, Wolfrilla, DJ Shadow, Area, Moving Gelatine Plates, White Magic, Samy Birnbach & Benjamin Lew, World Party, PJ Harvey, Severed Heads, Sun Ra & His Arkestra

The John Schroeder Orchestra - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
from The Dolly Catcher, 1967

Ivor Cutler - An Original Sweet
from A Wet Handle, 1997

Sun City Girls - The Vinegar Stroke
from Torch of the Mystics, 1990

Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Sleeping With Your Devil Mask
from Globe Of Frogs, 1988

Motörhead - Love Me Like A Reptile
from Ace Of Spades, 1980

Gnoomes - Eternal Trans Siberian
from Ax Ox, 2023

Nocturnal Projections - Difficult Days
from Another Year, 1982

The Cleaners From Venus - Everytime I Go Up
from Penny Novelettes, 2021

Public Image - Religion 1
from Public Image (First Issue). 1978

Pink Fairies - White Girls On Amphetamine
from Kill 'em And Eat 'em, 1987

Toyah - I Want To Be Free
from Anthem, 1981

Lords of Altamont - Living Hell
from The Altamont Sin, 2008

Human League - Being Boiled (Peel Session)
from Various – Movement: BBC Radio 1 Peel Sessions 1977-1979, 2011

Idiot Flesh - The Nothing Show
from The Nothing Show, 1995

2 Lost Souls - No Bite
from Digital Single, German Shepherd Records, 2022

Cloud Cult - Sleepwalker
from Love, 2013

Hen Ogledd - First Date
from Mogic, 2018

Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band - Nymphea
from Banned, 2021

Wolfrilla - Song For Jimmi
from 7" Single, 1971

DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like Pt. 3
from Preemptive Strike, 1998

Area - La Mela Di Odessa (1920)
from Crac!, 1975

Moving Gelatine Plates - Cauchemar
from The World of Genius Hans, 1972

White Magic - Keeping The Wolves From The Door
from Through the Sun Door, 2004

Samy Birnbach & Benjamin Lew - The Wheel
from When God Was Famous, 1989

World Party - Radio Days
from Bang!, 1993

PJ Harvey - Water
from Dry (Demos), 1992/2020

Gnoomes - Bristoled
from Ax Ox, 2023

Severed Heads - Kangaroo Skippy Roo
from Cuisine (With Piscatorial), 1991

Sun Ra & His Arkestra - They Plan To Leave
from Prophet, 2022

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