Oct. 18, 2022

Eternal Fusion Radio Show - 18 October 2022

Eternal Fusion Radio Show - 18 October 2022

Tracks from:::
Negativland, Mythic Sunship, The Heads, The Sisters of Mercy, Bourbonese Qualk, Fad Gadget, Simple Minds, Hajo, Michael Rose, Eka Mouse, James Brown, Boyfriends, Grateful Dead, Daevid Allen, Yoke Shire, Porcupine Tree, The Schizophonics, Blue Orchids, Killing Joke, The Bolshoi, Devo and Boredoms

Negativland - Escape from Noise
from Escape From Noise, 1987

Mythic Sunship - Equinox
from Light/Flux, Tee Pee, 2022

The Heads - U33
from Relaxing With..., 1996

The Sisters of Mercy - Temple of Love (1992)
from Temple of Love, 1992

Bourbonese Qualk - God with Us
from Laughing Afternoon, 1983

Fad Gadget - Speak to Me
from Gag, 1984

Gareth Williams & Mary Currie - Another Flaming Tune
from Flaming Tunes, 1985

Simple Minds - League of Nations
from Sister Feelings Call, 1981

Hajo - Dong Dong Diki Diki Dong
from 7" Single, Fontana, 1969

Michael Rose - Warrior Dub
from Warrior Dub, 2007

Eka Mouse - No Wicked
from 12", 1981

James Brown - Stop The War In A Babylon
from 7" Single, 1976

Boyfriends - Size Ten Shuffle
from 7", 1972

Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station
from Terrapin Station, Arista, 1977

Daevid Allen - The Owly Song
from The Owl And The Tree, Demi Monde, 1989

Yoke Shire - The Brook, The Mirror and the Maiden
from Masque Of Shadows, Zygo, 1999

Porcupine Tree - So Called Friend
from Lazarus CD Single, 2005

The Schizophonics - Turns to Glass
from Hoof It, Pig Baby Records, 2022

Blue Orchids - Dumb Magician
from The Greatest Hit (Money Mountain), Rough Trade, 1982

Killing Joke - Tomorrow's World
from Killing Joke, 1980

The Bolshoi - Books on the Bonfire
from Friends, Beggars Banquet, 1986

Devo - Booji Boy's Funeral
from Hardcore Devo Volume 2, 1991

Boredoms - #6 (2 Circles)
from Vision Creation Newsun, 1999