March 23, 2023

Eternal Fusion Radio Show - 23 March 2023

Eternal Fusion Radio Show - 23 March 2023

Another 2 hours of musical self-indulgence.
Therapy for Mixcloud-A-Holics everywhere!

On this show tracks from:::
Goat, Bill Nelson's Red Noise, Cosmic Rough Riders, Semisonic, Nubya Garcia, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Heaven 17, Pink Floyd, Tall Dwarfs, 1-A Düsseldorf, Super Furry Animals, Far East Family Band, Black Sun Ensemble, Broadcast, Organisation, Controlled Bleeding,  Raúl Gómez, Miles Davis, The Spiny Anteaters, The Bevis Frond, The Ex, Lift, The Chameleons

Goat - Fill My Mouth
from Headsoup, 2021

Bill Nelson's Red Noise - Furniture Music
from Sound On Sound, 1979

Cosmic Rough Riders - The Loser
from Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine, 2000

Semisonic - Chemistry
from All About Chemistry, 2001

Nubya Garcia - Boundless Beings
from Source, 2020

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Heading West
from Barn, 2021

Heaven 17 - Let's All Make A Bomb
from Penthouse And Pavement, 1981

Pink Floyd - A Saucerful of Secrets
from A Saucerful of Secrets, 1968

Tall Dwarfs - OK Forever
from The Sky Above The Mud Below, 2002

1-A Düsseldorf - Olala
from Fettleber, 1999

Super Furry Animals - Don't Be A Fool, Billy
from Out Spaced, 1998

Far East Family Band - Metempsychosis
from Parallel World, 1976

Black Sun Ensemble - The Burning Lamp
from Lambent Flame, 1989

Broadcast - Where Youth and Laughter Go
from The Future Crayon, 2006

Organisation - Silver Forest
from Tone Float, 1970

Controlled Bleeding - Poisoner Pt.3
from Can You Smell The Rain Between, 2002

Raúl Gómez - Dacapo
from Various – Cuba: Music And Revolution: 
(Culture Clash In Havana Cuba: Experiments In Latin Music 1975-85 Vol. 1), Soul Jazz, 2021

Miles Davis - Miles Runs The Voodoo Down
from Bitches Brew, 1970

The Spiny Anteaters - Tripping Girl
from All Is Well, Kranky, 1995

The Bevis Frond - Lights Are Changing
from Triptych, 1988

The Ex - Prism Song
from Turn, 2004

Lift - Caverns
from Caverns Of Your Brain, 1977

The Chameleons - Tomorrow Never Knows
from Mad Jack 12", 1986

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