Sept. 21, 2022

This, That and the OTHER (KVRN-LP 101.5, 18 September 2022)

This, That and the OTHER (KVRN-LP 101.5, 18 September 2022)

Show first broadcast 18 September on The Cavern. KVRN-LP 101.5

Tracks from:::
Musique Concret, The Tower Recordings, Long Distance Poison, Roy Harper, Spectrum, Black Math, Sparks, Quatermass, When, Harry Roche Constellation, The Larry Page Orchestra, Mythos, The Paupers, The Yobs, Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons, Wooden Wand, Nocturnal Projections, Boredoms and Sun Ra

Musique Concret - Incidents in Rural Places Part 1&3
from Bringing Up Baby, 1981

The Tower Recordings - Take Your Burdens to The Tower
from The Futuristic Folk Of The Tower Recordings, Vol 2 , 2002

Long Distance Poison - Signal 1
from Signals To A Habitable Zone, 2012

Roy Harper - Work of Heart
from Work Of Heart, 1982

Spectrum - How You Satisfy Me
from Soul Kiss (Glide Divine), 1992

Black Math - Walking At Night
from Black Math, 2009

Sparks - All That
from A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip, 2020

Quatermass - Up on the Ground
from Quatermass, 1970

When - Flower Jam (lars pedersen)
from The Lobster Boys, 2001

Harry Roche Constellation - Hawaii Five-O
from Spindrift, 1971

The Larry Page Orchestra - Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
from Kinky Music, 1965

Mythos - Dedicated to Werner Von Braun
from Dreamlab, 1975

The Paupers - Numbers
from Ellis Island, 1968

The Yobs - The Worm Song
from 7" Single, 1977

Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons - Blätta
from Screams To God, 1980/2013

Wooden Wand - Jhonn Balance
from Blood Oaths Of The New Blues, 2013

Nocturnal Projections - Difficult Days
from Another Year EP, 1982

Boredoms - Tomato Synthesizer
from Chocolate Synthesizer, 1994

Sun Ra - India
from Supersonic Jazz, 1957/2015