July 14, 2022

Memory Lane #244

Memory Lane #244

Tracks from:::
Sharon Tandy, Ultimate Spinach, Harvester,
Brian Eno, John Martyn, Big Brother & The Holding Company,
Ron Nagle, Black Sabbath, Xhol Caravan, Moving Gelatine Plates,
Eroc, Anthony Phillips, Procol Harum and Toe Fat. 

Sharon Tandy - Perhaps Not Forever (1965)
from You Gotta Believe It's... Sharon Tandy

Ultimate Spinach - Fragmentary March of Green
from Behold & See, 1968

Harvester - Kuk-Polska
from Hemåt, 1969

Brian Eno - Spider and I
from Before And After Science, 1977

John Martyn - Let The Good Things Come
from Bless The Weather, 1971

Big Brother & The Holding Company - Oh, Sweet Mary
from Cheap Thrills, 1968

Ron Nagle - House of Mandia
from Bad Rice, 1970

Black Sabbath - Supertzar
from Sabotage, 1975

Xhol Caravan - Electric Fun Fair
from Electrip, 1969

Moving Gelatine Plates - Funny Doll
from The World Of Genius Hans, 1972

Eroc - Fito Linte
from Eroc 3, 1979

Anthony Phillips - Which Way The Wind Blows
from The Geese & The Ghost, 1977

Procol Harum - Something Following Me
from Procol Harum, 1967

Toe Fat - Bad Side of the Moon
from Toe Fat, 1970