Sept. 26, 2022

Memory Lane #253

Memory Lane #253

Show first broadcast on: Mad Wasp Radio 14th September 2022

Tracks from:::
The Hollies, Czar, Captain Marryat, Fleetwood Mac, Uriah Heep, Mahogany Rush, Solid Senders, Penthouse, David Bowie, Isotope, The Collectors, The Count Bishops, The Groundhogs and Principal Edwards Magic Theatre

The Hollies - Elevated Observations (Butterfly, Parlophone, 1967)

Czar - Beyond The Moon (Czar, Fontana, 1970)

Captain Marryat - Dance of Thor (Captain Marryat, Shadoks, 1974/2010)

Fleetwood Mac - When You Say (Then Play On, Reprise, 1969)

Uriah Heep - Easy Livin' (Demons and Wizards, Bronze, 1972)

Mahogany Rush - Land of 1000 Nights (Strange Universe, 20th Century, 1975)

Solid Senders - Dr. Dupree (Solid Senders, Virgin, 1978)

Penthouse - 40 Days of Rain (7" Single, Penny Farthing, 1971)

David Bowie - After All (The Man Who Sold The World, Mercury, 1970)

Isotope - Illusion (Illusion, Gull, 1974)

The Collectors - Howard Christman's Older (The Collectors, Warner, 1968)

The Count Bishops - I Aint Got You (Speedball, Chiswick, 1975)

The Groundhogs - Sad is the Hunter (Hogwash, United Artists, 1972)

Principal Edwards Magic Theatre - Enigmatic Insomniac Machine
Soundtrack, Dandelion Records, 1969

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