Feb. 27, 2023

Memory Lane #270

Memory Lane #270

Show first broadcast on: Mad Wasp Radio 11th January 2023

Tracks from:::
Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Sparks, The Chocolate Watch Band, Gábor Szabó, Lieutenant Pigeon, Classics IV, David Bowie, The Kinks, Bee Gees, Joni Mitchell, West, Bruce & Laing, Jethro Tull, The Standells, Slade, Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper & Steven Stills

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Starbird
from The Roaring Silence, 1976

Sparks - Talent is An Asset
from Kimono My House, 1974

The Chocolate Watch Band - Dark Side of the Mushroom
from No Way Out, 1967

Gabor Szabo - Both Sides Now
from 1969, 1969

Lieutenant Pigeon - Mouldy Old Dough
from Mouldy Old Music, Decca, 1973

Classics IV - Spooky
from Spooky, 1968

David Bowie - Come and Buy My Toys
from David Bowie, Deram, 1967

The Kinks - Shangri-La
from Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire, Pye, 1969

Bee Gees - Sir Geoffrey Saved The World
from Horizontal, Polydor, 1968

Joni Mitchell - Songs to Ageing Children Come
from Clouds, 1969

West, Bruce & Laing - Token
from Whatever Turns You On, 1973

Jethro Tull - Beggar's Farm
from This Was, 1968

The Standells - Sunshine Superman
from The Hot Ones!, 1967

Slade - Miles Out to Sea
from Old New Borrowed And Blue, Polydor, 1974

Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper & Steve Stills - Season of the Witch
from Super Session, 1968

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