July 6, 2022

Mixed Bag Session - 06 July 2022

Mixed Bag Session - 06 July 2022

Tracks from:::
Psychedelic Digestion Therapy, Gastr del Sol, Amp, Rapoon,
Ishmael Ensemble, J. Zunz, Majed Salih, Jaimie Branch,
Don Cherry, Anteloper and Battle Trance.

Cover Image::: Ishmael Ensemble - 'Visions of Light'


Psychedelic Digestion Therapy - Amour Fantaisie
from Psychedelic Digestion Therapy, Strangelove Music, 2021

Gastr del Sol - Why Sleep
from Mirror Repair, Drag City, 1994

Amp - Celestialreturn
from Astralmoonbeamprojections, Kranky, 1997

Rapoon - The Alien Question
from What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question), Staalplaat, 1999

Ishmael Ensemble - Soma Centre
from Visions of Light, Severn Songs, 2021

J. Zunz - Lineal
from Del Aire, Rocket Recordings, 2022

Majed Salih - Glidemode
from Electrauthet, Medieval, 2022

Jaimie Branch - Simple Silver Surfer
from Fly Or Die II: Bird Dogs Of Paradise, International Anthem, 2019

Don Cherry - Relativity Suite Parts 1 and 2
from Organic Music Society, Caprice Records, 1973/2012

Anteloper - One Living Genus
Anteloper - Earthlings
from Pink Dolphins, International Anthem, 2022

Battle Trance - Palace of Wind 1
from Palace of Wind, New Amsterdam Records, 2014