July 13, 2022

Mixed Bag Session - 13 July 2022

Mixed Bag Session - 13 July 2022

Tracks from:::
Bruce Gilbert, Al Lover, Boards of Canada, Anja Garbarek,
Mouse on Mars, Coil, Bus Kid, Roedelius & Czjzek, Kasumi Trio,
Hood, Pole, Fila Brazillia, Yama Warashi, State River Widening,
Flower-Corsano Duo and Chip Wickham.

Cover Image:
Al Lover - Cosmic Joke

Bruce Gilbert - Work For >Do You Me? I Did< (1&2)
from This Way, Mute, 1984

Al Lover - Corresponding Contradiction
from Cosmic Joke, Fuzz Club Records, 2022

Boards of Canada - Alpha and Omega
from Geogaddi, Warp Records, 2002

Anja Garbarek - The Cabinet
from Balloon Mood, Tonefloat, 1996/2015

Mouse On Mars - Catching Butterflies With Hands
from Idiology, Domino, 2001

Coil - The Last Amethyst Deceiver
from The Ape Of Naples, Threshold House, 2005

Bus Kid - Under The Dream Canopy
from Music for Dotted Lines, Trip FM, 2022

Roedelius/Czjzek - Weisst Du Noch?
from Weites Land, Bureau B, 1987/2021

Kasumi Trio - So Far
from Various – Mutant Sounds For Mutant People, Beta-lactam Ring, 2009

Hood - End of One Train Working
from Outside Closer, Domino, 2005

Pole - Silberfisch
from 3, Matador, 2000

Fila Brazillia - Dervish Controller
from A Touch of Cloth, Twentythree, 2001

Yama Warashi - Haha No Uta (母の唄)
from Crispy Moon, PRAH, 2022

State River Widening - Zaanse Schans
from Early Music, Rocket Girl, 2003

Flower-Corsano Duo - The River That Turned Into a Raging Fire
from The Halcyon, VHF Records, 2022

Chip Wickham - Astral Traveling
from 12" Single, Gondwana Records, 2022