March 14, 2023

Mixed Bag Session - 14 March 2023

Mixed Bag Session - 14 March 2023

This session features tracks from:::
Roland Bocquet, Jöel Vandroogenbroeck & Marc Monsen, Peter Principle, Sunfear, Ariel Kalma, Ghédalia Tazartès, Mecanica Popular, Amanda Whiting, Fire! Orchestra, Jeff Parker, Chris Lopes and Chad Taylor, Eerie Wanda, Kate NV, upsammy, L.T. Fisk featuring Douglas Holmquist, Aksak Maboul

Roland Bocquet - Paradia
from Paradia, 1977

Jöel Vandroogenbroeck & Marc Monsen - Group Meditation
from Meditations Vol. 1, 1980

Peter Principle - The Observatory
from Tone Poems, 1988

Sunfear - I Don't Know Why I'm Crying Now
from Octopus, 2022

Ariel Kalma - Groove n Roll Edit
from Spirited Beats, 2022

Ghédalia Tazartès - La Vie Et La Mort Légendaires Du Spermatozoïde Humuch Lardy
from Diasporas, 1979

Mecanica Popular - Siempre Tú
from ¿Qué Sucede Con El Tiempo?, 1984/2015

Amanda Whiting - Messed Up
from After Dark, 2021

Fire! Orchestra - Ritual Pt. 5
from Ritual, 2016

Jeff Parker, Chris Lopes, Chad Taylor - Onyx
from Like-coping, 2003

Eerie Wanda - Confess
from Internal Radio, 2022

Kate NV - Flu
from WOW, 2023

upsammy - It Drips
from Zoom, 2020

L.T. Fisk featuring Douglas Holmquist - Ama et labora
from Åsnemanifestet, 2023

Aksak Maboul - Talking With The Birds
from Une Aventure De VV (Songspiel), 2023

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