July 20, 2022

Mixed Bag Session - 20 July 2022

Mixed Bag Session - 20 July 2022

Tracks from:::
Minami Deutsch, Ed Wynne & Gre Vanderloo, Steve Lacy, Jon Appleton,
Joe Zawinul, Black Sheep, Boards of Canada, Ancient Spirit, Och, Matt LaJoie
Tacita Trjj, The Threshold HouseBoys Choir, Charalatan, Jesse Sparhawk & Eric Carbonara, Southern Energy Ensemble, Kikagaku Moyo, Dogs Versus Shadows and Greg Foat.

Minami Deutsch - The Border
from Fortune Goodies, Guruguru Brain, 2022

Ed Wynne & Gre Vanderloo - Starseeds
from Tumbling Through The Floativerse, Kscope, 2022

Steve Lacy - Trickles
from Clinkers, hatOLOGY, 1978/2000

Jon Appleton - Che d'Oeuvre
from The World Music Theatre Of Jon Appleton, Folkways, 1974

Joe Zawinul - The Soul of A Village Part II
from The Rise & Fall Of The Third Stream, Vortex, 1968

Black Sheep - Vachel Lindsay
from Black Sheep At The BBC, Fuck Off & Di, 2009

Boards of Canada - Smokes Quantity
from Music Has The Right To Children, Warp Records, 1998

Ancient Spirit - Honorable Choices
from Battling Between Madness and Bliss, Ancient Spirit, 2022

Och - Ochra
from Pö om pö, Rocket Recordings, 2022

Matt LaJoie - Venusian Ballroom
from The Center and the Fringe, Flower Room, 2019

Tacita Trjj - South Border Sax (Breisgau)
from Meeting on Purpose, Iriai Verlag, 2022

The Threshold HouseBoys Choir - As Doors Open Into Space
from Form Grows Rampant, Musique Pour La Danse, 2007/2022

Charlatan - Living Structures
from The Glass Borders, Moon Glyph, 2021

Jesse Sparhawk & Eric Carbonara - The Entwined Twin
from Sixty Strings, VHF Records, 2011

Southern Energy Ensemble - Looking Ahead
from Southern Energy, Strut, 1993/2021

Kikagaku Moyo - Daydream Soda
from Kumoyo Island, Guruguru Brain, 2022

Dogs Versus Shadows - Devolved Parliament
from Bombing Middle England, Subexotic Records, 2020

Dead Can Dance - Children of the Sun
from Anastasis, PIAS, 2012

Greg Foat - Crystal Gardens
from Psychosynthesis, Blue Crystal Records, 2022

Ed Wynne & Gre Vanderloo - Floating Plates
from Tumbling Through The Floativerse, Kscope, 2022