Oct. 27, 2022

Mixed Bag Session - 27 October 2022

Mixed Bag Session - 27 October 2022

Tracks from:::
Camp of Wolves, Graeme Miller, Lasse Marhaug, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Arne Nordheim, Duncan Pinhas, Tomaga, Conrad Schnitzler, Arp, Uwalmassa, Gryphon Rue, Simon McCorry, Rapoon, Fields We Found, Cindytalk, Nurse With Wound, Natalie Beridze, Ian Hawgood, Onepointwo, Yutaka Hirose, Concepción Huerta, Rivers of Glass, Tino, Morton Subotnick, Furt Plus, Warm Currency, Luciano Berio, The Eyes and the Mistoids and Taro Nohara

Camp of Wolves - Lure The Midnight Hour
from A Whisper of Broken Things, Woodford Halse Tapes (WF 64) 4th November 2022

insta: @camp_of_wolves / @woodfordhalsetapes
twitter: @campofwolves / @woodford_halse

Graeme Miller - The Cave
from Comet In Moominland, Finders Keepers, 2022

Lasse Marhaug - Context 5
from Context (Part 1-7), Smalltown Supersound, 2022

insta: @lassemarhaug / @smalltownsupersound
twitter: @lassemarhaug / @supersound

Alejandro Jodorowsky - Pissed and Passed Out
from The Holy Mountain Soundtrack, ABKCO, 1973/2020

Arne Nordheim - Polypoly
from Electric, Rune Grammofon, 1998

Duncan Pinhas - Cousteau Dives for Me
from Songs from unseen lands, 2021

insta: @dkanils
twitter: @duncanpinhas

Tomaga - Reverie For Fragile Houseplants
from Intimate Immensity, 2021

insta: @tomaga_
facebook: @tomagamusic

Conrad Schnitzler - Blue Lotus
from Con-Struct, Bureau B, 2022

Arp - The Peripheral
from New Pleasures, Mexican Summer, 2022

insta: @studioag / @mexican_summer

Uwalmassa - Karnal
from Malar, Mana, 2022

insta: @manarecs
twitter: @manarecs

Gryphon Rue - Rainbow Serpent
from A Spirit Appears to a Pair of Lovers, Not Not Fun, 2022

insta: @4n_objx
twitter: @gryphonrue

Camp of Wolves - Something Domestic
from A Whisper of Broken Things, Woodford Halse Tapes (WF 64) 4th November 2022

insta: @camp_of_wolves / @woodfordhalsetapes
twitter: @campofwolves / @woodford_halse

Simon McCorry - The Failure of Accuracy
from The Failure Of Accuracy, Shimmering Moods Records, 2022

insta: @simonmccorry / @shimmeringmoodsrecords
twitter: @SimonMcCorry / @ShimmeringM

Rapoon - Saffron Fires
from The Kirghiz Light, Staalplaat, 1995

Fields We Found - Stands
from Distance, Seil Records, 2022

insta: @fieldswefound / @seilrecords
twitter: @seilrecords

Arp - Cloud Storage
from New Pleasures, Mexican Summer, 2022

insta: @studioag / @mexican_summer

Cindytalk - Systems Are Spiralling
from Subterminal, False Walls, 2022

insta: falsewallscjmitchell
twitter: fallswalls37

Nurse With Wound - I Was No Longer His Dominant
from Mi-Mort, 1983

Natalie Beridze - Door Part 1
from Of Which One Knows, Room40, 2022

twitter: monikaenter

Ian Hawgood - For Distance Brings Us Closer
from upward eyes / kindred, 2022

insta: @_handstitched 

Onepointwo - Giant Waves
from Frequencies, noci miste, 2022

insta: @one.pointwo
twitter: @Onepointwo1 / @noci_miste

Yutaka Hirose - Study for Scientists
from Trace: Sound Design Works 1986​-​1989, WRWTFWW, 2022

insta@ @wrwtfww
twitter: @WRWTFWW

Concepción Huerta - Electricity Unites Us
from Harmonies from Betelgeuse, Umor Rex, 2022

insta: @dnks_mx / @cncpcn
twitter: @UmorRex

Rivers of Glass - Along The Dripping Air
from By the Light of Burning Bridges, Somewherecold, 2022

insta: @somewherecold16 / @droneroomnotdrones

Tino - From The Sky
from Interpreting Clouds, Sound as Language, 2022

insta: @tino_ufo / @sound.as.language
twitter: @soundaslanguage / @tino_ufo

Morton Subotnick - Gestures: It Begins With Colors
from Volume 1: Electronic Works, Mode, 2001

Furt Plus - Solution B
from Equals, psi (3), 2008

Warm Currency - Garden Brawl
from Returns, Horn of Plenty, 2022

Luciano Berio - Thema (Omaggio a Joyce)
from Various – An Anthology Of Noise And Electronic Music, Sub Rosa, 2013

The Eyes and the Mistoids - Cigars for the Pharoah
from Oobleck, Waxing Crescent Records, 2022

insta: @mistoids / @waxing_crescent_records
twitter: @MISTOIDS / @waxing_cres_rec

Taro Nohara - Miyadaiku
from Forest of the Shrine, WRWTFWW, 2022

insta@ @wrwtfww
twitter: @WRWTFWW

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