Aug. 7, 2022

Processions From The Half Light (Archive Mix from Summer 2020)

Processions From The Half Light (Archive Mix from Summer 2020)

Processions From The Half Light

Mix originally constructed and aired on Mixcloud Live during the Summertime of 2020.
Music Reassembled and Remasterbated by MAGICian during Summertime of 2022.

Tracks from:::
David Sylvian, Robin Crutchfield, Third Ear Band, Muslimgauze, Lewsberg, Grouper, Atlas Sound, Craven Faults, SUUNS, Saka Acquaye & His African Ensemble from Ghana,
Kaya Project, The Nat Birchall Quartet, Sparks, Hanni El Khatib,
Tidiane Thiam, Auscultation, Black Taffy, Sei Still, Stanley J. Zappa,
Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman, TENGGER, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, 
The Keep, Spirit Fest, Jim White & Marisa Anderson, 
Yair Elazar Glotman & Mats Erlandsson, Sharada Shashidhar,
Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa, Andy's Echo & Propellar,
Key Elements, Mapstation and Autotelia


David Sylvian - Preparations for a Journey
from Alchemy: An Index of Possibilities, Virgin, 1985

Robin Crutchfield - Faeriebreadandjam
from Songs For Faerie Folk, Nigh Eve, 2006 (CDr)

Third Ear Band - Inverness: Macbeth's Return/The Preparation/Fanfare/Duncan's Arrival
from Music from Macbeth, Harvest, 1972

The album features a spotty faced 12 year old Keith Chegwin
on vocals before he began playing pop #cheggersplayspop

Paul Minns: Oboe, Recorder
Glen Sweeney: Drums
Paul Buckmaster: Cello, Bass Guitar
Simon House: Violin, VCS3 Synthesiser
Denim Bridges: Guitars

Muslimgauze - Cairopraktar
from Salaam Alekum, Bastard, Soleilmoon, 1995

Dedicated to the invisible hands of revenge.

Lewsberg - The Door
from In This House, 12XU, 2020

Grouper - Difference (Voices)
from The Man Who Died In His Boat, Kranky, 2013

#lizharris #experimental

Atlas Sound/Laetita Sadier - Quick Canal
from Logos, 4AD, 2009

Craven Faults - Cupola Smelt Mill
from Erratics & Unconformities, Leaf, 2020

SUUNS - Sweet Nothing
from Zeroes QC, Secretly Canadian, 2010

Saka Acquaye & His African Ensemble - Concomba
from Gold Coast Saturday Night, Elektra, 1959/1969

Kaya Project - Raag to Ragga
from Elixir, Interchill, 2005

The Nat Birchall Quartet - Inward Flight
from The Storyteller - A Musical tribute to Yusef Lateef, Jazzman, 2019

Sparks - The Existential Threat
from A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip, BMG, 2020,_Drip,_Drip

Hanni El Khatib - LEADER
from Flight, Innovative Leisure, 2020

Tidiane Thiam - Hommage a Toumany Diabate
from Siftorde, Sahel Sounds, 2020

Auscultation - Purgatory Sway
from III, 100% Silk, 2020

Black Taffy - A Foxes Wedding
from Opal Wand, Leaving Records, 2020

Sei Still - Fortuna
from Sei Still, Fuzz Club, 2020

Stanley J. Zappa - Pleasant Avenue
from Muster Point, We Jazz, 2020
stanley j. zappa

Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman - Eurydike
from Eurydike, Nonplace, 2020

TENGGER - Eurasia
from Nomad, Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records, 2020

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - The Steady Heart
from The Mosaic of Transformation, Ghostly International, 2020

The Keep - Acqua Alta
from Andra, Houndstooth, 2020

Spirit Fest - Mirage
from Mirage Mirage, Morr Music, 2020

Jim White & Marisa Anderson - 18 to 1
from The Quickening, Thrill Jockey, 2020

Yair Elazar Glotman & Mats Erlandsson - Procession
from Emanate, FatCat Records, 2020

Sharada Shashidhar - Rotate
from Rahu, Leaving Records, 2020

Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa - The Story
from The Story, Om Records, 2020

Andy's Echo & Propellar - Wild Grove
from Thrill Me, Acker Records, 2020

Key Elements - Sua Onda
from Key Elements, Sonar Kollektiv, 2020

Mapstation - Mira
from Digital Download, 2019

Autotelia - Red Bloom
from I. Rocket Recordings, 2020