June 19, 2022

Progressive Leanings #005

Progressive Leanings #005

Tracks from:
Brainchild, The Muffins, Christian Boulé, Clearlight, The Tangent and Web.

Brainchild - Healing of the Lunatic Owl
from Healing Of The Lunatic Owl, A&M Records, 1970

The Muffins - Dancing In Sunrise, Switzerland
from Open City, Cuneiform Records, 1985

Christian Boulé - Orange Climax
from Photo Musik, Musea, 1978/1999

Clearlight - Clearlight Symphony Part 1
from Clear Light Symphony, Virgin, 1975

The Tangent - The GPS Vultures
from Songs From The Hard Shoulder, Inside Out Music, 2022

Web - Concerto For Bedsprings
from I Spider, Esoteric Recordings, 1970/2008