Feb. 28, 2023

Progressive Leanings 12

Progressive Leanings 12

Tracks from:::
The Tangent, Osibisa, Marillion, After The Fire, Rupert Hine, Gnidrolog, Sassafras, Sadistic Mika Band, Stud, Camel, Madder Lake, Cos, Laurelie, Twenty-Five Views of Worthing, Fields

The Tangent - The Melting Andalusian Sky
from Proxy, 2018

Osibisa - Seaside-Meditation
from Welcome Home, 1975

Marillion - Grendel
from 12" Market Square Heroes, 1982

After The Fire - Pilgrim
from Signs of Change, 1978

Rupert Hine - Kerosene
from Pick Up A Bone, 1971

Gnidrolog - Lady Lake
from Lady Lake, 1972

Sassafras - School Days
from Expecting Company, 1973

Sadistic Mika Band - Time Machine
from Black Ship, 1974

Stud - Harpo's Head
from Stud, 1971

Camel - The Sleeper
from Breathless, 1978

Madder Lake - Ride On Fast
from Butterfly Farm, 1974

Cos - L'Idiot Leon
from Viva Boma, 1976

Laurelie - Sad Stone
from Laurelie, 1970

Twenty-Five Views of Worthing - More Feathers More Dogs
Twenty-Five Views of Worthing - You Are What You Eat
from Twenty-Five Views Of Worthing, 1972/2020

Camel - Unevensong
from Rain Dances, 1977

Fields - Wonder Why
from Contrasts Urban Roar To Country Peace, 1972/2015

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