Jan. 25, 2023

Strains of Jazz (70's) #001

Strains of Jazz (70's) #001

1st in an occasional series, Strains of Jazz will feature elements of the genre from the 70's

Tracks from:::
Wayne Shorter, Jan Hammer, Charles Lloyd, The Keith Tippett Group, Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Awakening, Bobby Hutcherson, Elvin Jones.

Wayne Shorter - Joy
from Odyssey of Iska, 1971

Jan Hammer - Darkness - Earth In Search of A Sun
from The First Seven Days, 1975

Charles Lloyd - Pyramid (Live)
from Workshop Sessions (Live, Boston '72)

The Keith Tippett Group - Thoughts to Geoff
from Dedicated To You, But You Weren't Listening, 1971

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Open Country Joy
from Birds of Fire, 1973

The Awakening - Mirage
from Mirage, 1973

Bobby Hutcherson - Montara
from Montara, 1975

Elvin Jones - Whims of Bal
from The Prime Element, 1976