March 22, 2023

Tapestries, Tones & Trips #001

Tapestries, Tones & Trips #001

With a new season comes a new spicy mix series, enjoy!

Tracks this time 'round from:::
UFO, Gong, Tea & Symphony, Ford Theatre, Peter Grudzien, Street, Graffiti, Bolder Damn, Van Dyke Parks, One St. Stephen

UFO - Star Storm
from UFO II: Flying-Spacerock, 1971

Gong - Blues For Findlay/Ya Sunne (Live at Lyon, December 1972)
from Live À Lyons Part Two, 1982

Tea & Symphony - Travelling Shoes
from An Asylum For The Musically Insane, 1969

Ford Theatre - The Race, From A Back Door Window (The Search), Theme For The Masses
from Trilogy For The Masses, 1968

Peter Grudzien - What Have I Done
from The Unicorn, 1974

Street - Multilevular Conversational Tightrope Walkin' Shoes
from Street, 1968

Graffiti - New Life
from Graffiti, 1968

Bolder Damn - Dead Meat
from Mourning, 1971

Van Dyke Parks - By The People
from Song Cycle, 1967

One St. Stephen - Nightly Drift
from One St. Stephen, 1975