Jan. 23, 2023

This, That and the OTHER 015

This, That and the OTHER 015

Show first broadcast on The Cavern 22nd January 2023

Tracks from:::
Hush Arbors, Rustic Hinge, Peter Cook & Chris Morris, The Jerky Boys, Trottel Monodream Experience, Dez Dare, Chrome,
Ozric Tentacles, Korai Öröm, Ty Segall, Tom Kazas, Antonis Antoniou, Tribe of Cro, Le Pouls, Telly Savalas, Brigitte Fontaine, Jeff Liberman, Black Sun Ensemble, Tangerine Dream

Hush Arbors - Bones of a Thousand Suns
from Landscape Of Bone, Three Lobed, 2006

Rustic Hinge - Excitation Wavelength
from Replicas, 1970

Peter Cook/Chris Morris - Drugs Etc
from Why Bother?, BBC, 1999

The Jerky Boys - Dental Malpractice
from The Jerky Boys, 1993

Trottel Monodream Experience - The House of Witches
from Various- Floralia Vol. 4, Mizmaze, 2002

Dez Dare - They Scream, My Head Is So Full I Can't Dream
from Ulysses Trash, 2022

Chrome - Heartbeat aka The Phantom of Sanity
from 3rd From the Sun, 1982

The Jerky Boys - Food & Drug Complaint
from The Jerky Boys 4, 1997

Ozric Tentacles - There's A Planet Here
28 September 1994 Orbit Rooms, Grand Rapids Michigan

Korai Öröm - Track 3
from 1995

Ty Segall - Archangel Thunderbird
from Fudge Sandwich, 2018

Tom Kazas - Nothing At All
from Saint or Fool, 1997

Antonis Antoniou - Zeybek Anak
from Throisma, Ajabu, 2022

Tribe of Cro - Sporadic Spiro-Gyra
from Sporadic Spiro-Gyra, 1996

Le Pouls - Océan Cosmique
from Le Pouls, 1976

Telly Savalas - Rubber Bands and Bits of String
from Telly, 1973

Brigitte Fontaine - Eros
from Brigitte Fontaine, 1972

Jeff Liberman - Woman
from Solitude Within, 1975

Black Sun Ensemble - Captain Wormwood
from Hymn of the Master, Camera Obscura, 2001

Tangerine Dream - Journey Through a Burning Brain
from Electronic Meditation, 1970