Feb. 1, 2023

This, That and the OTHER 016

This, That and the OTHER 016

Show first broadcast on The Cavern 29 January 2023

Tracks from:::
Pastor John Rydgren, Ken Kesey, Afterglow, Morgan Delt, ST37, Dez Dare, Altin Gün, Mint Field, Chrome, Nurse With Wound, The Moving Sidewalks, Charlie & Esdor, The Crazy people, The Cult of Dom Keller, Butchamana and the Big Bang Brothers Band, Excepter, Radian, Archaïa, Synthi A, Sperrmüll, Kikagaku Moyo, Love, Spiral Galaxy, Twink, Here & Now

Pastor John Rydgren - ?

Ken Kesey, Jerry Garcia - Acid Test Graduation Announcement

Afterglow - Dream Away / Susie's Gone
from Afterglow, 1968

Morgan Delt - Barbarian Kings
from Psychic Death Hole, Trouble in Mind, 2012/2014

ST37 - Bind Valor
from I Smoked Kevin Costner's Shitty Pot, 2000

Dez Dare - Bloodbath-on-Hi
from Perseus War, March 17, 2023

Altin Gün - Cemalım
from On, Les Disques Bongo Joe, 2018

Mint Field - Contingencia
from Levitation Sessions, 2022

Chrome - Creature Eternal
from Half Machine Lip Moves, 1979

Nurse With Wound - Easy Snapping
from Who Can I Turn To Stereo, 1996

The Moving Sidewalks - Eclipse
from Flash, 1968

Charlie & Esdor - Fuck The Cops
from Charlie & Esdor, 1970/2005

The Crazy People - Happy Academy
from Bedlam, 1968

The Cult of Dom Keller - Heavy And Dead
from The Cult of Dom Keller, 2013

Butchamana and the Big Bang Brothers Band - Indian Dream
from Indian Dream, Don Giovanni, 1981/2023

Excepter - Kill People
from Debt Dept., Paw Tracks, 2008

Radian - Kinetakt
from Chimeric, 2009

Archaïa - Le Soleil Noir
from Harmonie Solaire, 2021

Synthi A - Lifecycle
from Ignition Of The Sun, fsoldigital.com, 2016

Sperrmüll - Me And My Girlfriend
from Sperrmüll, 1973

Kikagaku Moyo - Melted Crystal
from House In The Tall Grass, 2016

Love - Midnight Sun
from Love Lost, Sundazed, 1971/2009

Ken Kesey and Ken Babbs - Peggy The Pistol
from Acid Tests Vol. 1, 1998

Spiral Galaxy - Pendlewitches
from Spiral Galaxy, 2020

Twink - Peter The Pill
from The Lost Experimental Recordings 1970, Get Back, 1999

ST37 - Thirst
from From Space W/Love, 1989

Here & Now - New Age Transformation/No More Sages
from Floating Anarchy Live 1991

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