Feb. 22, 2023

This, That and the OTHER - 22 February 2023

This, That and the OTHER - 22 February 2023

This show features tracks from:::
Solar Trip, The Farm Band, Archaïa, Blues Control, Guru Guru, Nurse With Wound, The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol, Vocokesh, Apryl Fool, Föllakzoid, Henry Cow

We are no longer producing this show for The Cavern.
There is an interested party that may take this on but for the time being we will continue to produce them in-house until further notice. Enjoy 

Solar Trip - Trip I/II/III:
from Solar Trip, 2022

The Farm Band - Loving You
from The Farm Band 1972

Archaïa - Act 10: Mahavishnu 1
from 1976 La Bande Perdue, 1976 (Mutant Embryo reissue of Lost Tape)

Blues Control - Tangier
from Local Flavor. Siltbreeze, 2009

Guru Guru - The Meaning of Meaning
from Hinten, 1971

Nurse With Wound - Livin' Fear of James Last
from Who Can I Turn To Stereo, 1996

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Lady Mary
from Masters Of The Molehill, 2015

Vocokesh - Smile! and Point at the Mountain? #6
from Smile! And Point At The Mountain?, Drag City, 1995

Apryl Fool - The Lost Mother Land (Part 1)
from Apryl Fool. 1969

Föllakzoid - Piure
from III, Sacred Bones, 2015

Henry Cow - Guider Tells Of Silent Airborne Machine
from The BBC Archives 1971-1977, 2008

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