Dec. 13, 2022

This, That and the OTHER [ The Cavern, 11 December, 2022 ]

This, That and the OTHER  [ The Cavern,  11 December, 2022 ]

Show first broadcast on The Cavern, Sunday 11th December 2022

Tracks from:::
I.E.M., Harmonia, Yancy Derringer, Bardo Pond, Ozric Tentacles, Bo Ningen, The Heads, Agnes Martian, Julian Cope, Dope, Baby Grandmothers, Twink, Yoko Ono, Goat and The Firesign Theatre

I.E.M. - Goldilocks Age 4
from Arcadia Son, Gates of Dawn, 2001

Harmonia - Hausmusik
from Musik Von Harmonia, Brain, 1974

Yancy Derringer - Weedburner
from Openers, Gear Fab, 1975/1999

Bardo Pond - Wank
from Amanita, Matador, 1996

Ozric Tentacles - Oddentity 
from boot Fillmore West, 5 June 1998

Bo Ningen - Yuruyakana Ao
from Bo Ningen, Stolen Records, 2010

The Heads - Creating in the Eternal Now is Always Heavy
from Under The Stress Of A Headlong Dive, Rocket, 2005

Agnes Martian - The Future Light Cone (1-3)
from The Future Light Cone , 2022

Julian Cope - She Brings me Flowers
from Christ Versus Warhol, Revell, 2007

Dope - Leave Yourself Behind
from Dope On Drugs, Head Heritage, 2018

Baby Grandmothers - Bergakungen
from Baby Grandmothers, Subliminal Sounds, 1967/2007

Twink - Mexican Grass War
from Think Pink, Polydor, 1970

Yoko Ono - Don't Worry Kyoko
from Fly, Apple Records, 1971

Goat - To Travel the Path Unknown
from Commune, Rocket Recordings, 2014

The Firesign Theatre - The Giant Toad
from Dear Friends, Columbia, 1972