Dec. 19, 2022

This, That and the OTHER [ The Cavern, 18 December, 2022 ]

This, That and the OTHER  [ The Cavern,  18 December, 2022 ]

Show first broadcast on The Cavern, Sunday 18th December 2022

Tracks from:::
Farflung, Ken Nordine, Bruce Haack, Strobe, Astral Magic, Vockokesh, Ici Maintenants,    Stereolab, Imitation Electric Piano, Shirley Scott, Bitchin Bajas, Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra, Terry Riley

Farflung - Acid Drain / Earthmen Look Alike to Me / King Fright
from Like Drones in Honey, Sulatron, 2022

Ken Nordine - Inside of Is
from Devout Catalyst, 1992

Bruce Haack - The Universal Unicycle Show (Pedal It)
from Captain Entropy, 1974

Strobe - The Circle Never Ends
from The Circle Never Ends, 1994

Astral Magic - Dimension Link
from Magical Kingdom, Tonzonen, 2022

Vocokesh - Vibe #4
from The Tenth Corner, Strange Attractors, 2004

Ici Maintenants - Shakalaya
from Space & Time, Fluffy Records, 2003

Stereolab - Changer
from Switched On, Too Pure, 1992

Imitation Electric Piano - Progressive Rock
from Imitation Electric Piano EP, Duophonic, 2001

Shirley Scott - Mystical Lady
from Mystical Lady, Cadet, 1971

Bitchin Bajas - Lanquidity
from Switched On Ra, Drag City, 2021

Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra - Voice of Space
from Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy, Saturn Research, 1967

Terry Riley - You're No Good
from You're Nogood, Cortical Foundation, 2000