Dec. 15, 2022

Wounded Nurse Nuances Volume Two

Wounded Nurse Nuances Volume Two

Volume Two: Flipped Out Raga Ritual Dances
Music from our collection inspired by the infamous Nurse With Wound List

Audiophiles (sic!) 
Please N.B. some source recordings taken from cassette/original vinyl are not in the best shape, but we have cleaned/mastered these to a respectable standard, so enjoy :)

Out of Focus - Whispering
from Out Of Focus, 1971

Emtidi - Space Age / Let the Joint Go Round
from Emtidi, 1970

Frank Zappa & The Mothers - Invocation & Ritual Dance of The Young Pumpkin
from Absolutely Free, 1967

Ame Son - Reborn This Morning On The Way Of...
from Catalyse, 1970

Amon Düül - Snow Your Thurst And Sun Your Open Mouth
from Paradieswärts Düül, 1971

Zweistein - A Very Simple Song
from Trip • Flip Οut • Meditation, 1970

Et Cetera - Raga
from Et Cetera, 1971

Gila - Kollaps / Kontakt / Kollectivitat
from Gila, 1971

Cabaret Voltaire - The Set Up
from Extended Play, 1978

The Residents - Walter Westinghouse / Never Known Questions
from Babyfingers, 1979
from Not Available, 1978

Chrome - My Time to Live
from The Visitation, 1976

Glaxo Babies - Christine Keeler
from 7" Single, 1979

Kluster - Kluster 2 (Electric Music)
from Klopfzeichen, 1971

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