June 24, 2022

Mixed Bag Murmurs #012

Mixed Bag Murmurs #012

Tracks featured in this mix from::
Nunton Elektrikz, The Corrupting Sea, A. D. Luck, The Junta, The Incidental Crack,
Botex Spykidelic, Räven Musen, Drew McDowall and Concussed.

Nunton Elektrikz - Residual Layer
from Did You Know About The Room?, Woodford Halse Tapes, 1st July 2022

The Corrupting Sea - I Make Circles on My Feet
from Lungs Like Lead, Somewherecold, 2nd September 2022

A. D. Luck - APPLE
from WORMWOOD, Submarine Broadcating Company, 2022

The Junta - Clavius
from Moonbase Alpha, German Shepherd Records, 2022

The Incidental Crack - Hair (Featuring Dolly Dolly)
from Does Nothing, Preston Capes Tapes, 1st July 2022

Botex Spykidelic - Muhumusa
from Botex Spykidelic, Preston Capes Tapes, 1st July 2022

Räven Musen - Editare Rosie
from Peppermint Soldier, Werra Foxma Records, 30th July, 2022

Drew McDowall - Agalma II
from Agalma, Dais Records, 2020

Concussed - The Rectal Exorcism of Vladimir Putin
from Electromagnetic Dust, Somewhere Cold, 2022

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