July 1, 2022

Mixed Bag Murmurs #013

Mixed Bag Murmurs #013

Tracks featured in this mix from::
Drew McDowall, Mary Lattimore/Paul Sukeena, 
German Army, The Utopia Strong, Dogs Versus Shadows, 
Swansither, Wonderful Beasts and Räven Musen.

Drew McDowall - Nothing Is Hidden
from The Third Helix, Dais Records, 2018

Mary Lattimore/Paul Sukeena - Didn't See The Comet
from West Kensington, Three Lobed Recordings, 2022

German Army - Pre-speech Thought
from A Dream Favors Incompleteness, Strategic Tape Reserve, 2021

The Utopia Strong - Spirits from the Deep
from International Treasure, Rocket Recordings, 2022

Dogs Versus Shadows - Spy Booth
from Bombing Middle England, Subexotic Records, 2020

Swansither - Inner Space
from Inner Space, Subexotic Records, 2022

Wonderful Beasts - We Are Dancing With Infinity
from Magic & Myth, Subexotic Records, 2022

Räven Musen - Ten Years and One Day
from Peppermint Soldier, Werra Foxma Records, July 30, 2022