July 8, 2022

Mixed Bag Murmurs #014

Mixed Bag Murmurs #014

Tracks featured in this mix from::
Euan Dalgarno, Nicola Picciotto, Ariel Kalma,
Yutaka Hirose, Alejandro Jodorowsky, János Másik,
Broken Shoulder and Onepointwo.

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Euan Dalgarno - Noaorga II (feat. Canaan Balsam)
from Swimitrupl, Not Yet Remembered Records, 2022

Nicolas Picciotto - The Law of One
from Beings from the Origins, Submarine Broadcasting Company, 2022

Ariel Kalma - Passage Through the Dream
from MetaMorPhantasy, Self Released, 2022

Yutaka Hirose - Looking Back
from Trace: Sound Design Works 1986​-​1989 , WRWTFWW, 2022

Ariel Kalma - Glissant Tobogan
from Odd Ones, Self Released, 2022

Alejandro Jodorowsky - Baby Snakes
from The Holy Mountain, ABKCO, 2007/2020

János Másik - Woods and Metals
from Trance Balance, Foam On A Wave, 1989/2022

Broken Shoulder - Broken Eyes
from Parts Exchanged, Subexotic Records, 2022

Onepointwo - Omega Displacement
from Frequencies, noci miste, July 22, 2022

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