Aug. 25, 2022

Mixed Bag Murmurs #018

Mixed Bag Murmurs #018

Tracks from:::
Fieldhead, Bass Communion, Delia Darbyshire,
Birchville Cat Motel, Forest Robots, Yoker Moon,
Tino, Nocturnal Emissions and Harold Budd.

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Fieldhead - 37th (Ghostly International, 2013)

Bass Communion - Sleep etc (Hidden Art, 1998/2022)

Delia Darbyshire - Towards Tomorrow (BBC, 1968)

Birchville Cat Motel - Stellar Collapse (Kning Disk, 2005)

Forest Robots - Somewhere in the Early Morning Forest Mist (Subexotic, 2 September, 2022)

Yoker Moon - Forever Clanking in the In-Between (Waxing Crescent, 26 August, 2022)

Tino - With Distractions on the Dash (Sound as Language, 2022)

Nocturnal Emissions - Herpes Virus Total State (Mannequin, 2017)

Harold Budd - Jane 2 (Darla Records, 2013)



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