Nov. 8, 2022

Mixed Bag Murmurs #025

Mixed Bag Murmurs #025

Tracks from:::
The Ghostwriters, Loscil, The Heartwood Institute, Natalie Beridze,
Ethan James Startzman and CC Sorensen

The Ghostwriters - Slow Blue in Horizontal
from Remote Dreaming, 1986

Loscil - Biced
from Stases, 2006

The Heartwood Institute - Wren
from Hedges, Woodford Halse Tapes, 2022

Natalie Beridze - Door Part II
from Of Which One Knows, Room 40, 2022

Ethan James Startzman - Playtime
from Shamanic Verse, Subexotic Records, 2022

CC Sorensen - Plastic Portals
from Phantom Rooms, Mappa, 2022

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