Jan. 20, 2023

Mixed Bag Murmurs #031

Mixed Bag Murmurs #031

Tracks from:::
Ryan Shirlow, Steve Hadfield, The Overload, Swansither, Yves Malone, Ryan James Mawbey, Aviva Endean, Nurse With Wound, John Haughey, The Lonely Bell, Dennis Young

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Ryan Shirlow - Steps to Daylight, The Portrush Reel
from Ullstair University Vol 1, Woodford Halse Tapes
Released on 3rd February 2023

Steve Hadfield - An Unexpected Turn of Events
from Piano Vignettes, Waxing Crescent Records, 2022

The Overload - Low Flying Aircraft
from The Overload, Woodford Halse Tapes, 2022

Swansither - Slow Fish
from States, Subexotic Records, 2022

Yves Malone - Object Concern
from A Hello To A Goodbye, Castles In Space
Released on 27th January 2023

Ryan James Mawbey - The Sand
from four walls, Waxing Crescent Records, 2023

Aviva Endean - Moths & Stars
from Moths & Stars, Room40, 2022

Nurse With Wound - Part Two: Twisted Mona
from Sand Tangled Women (Echo Poeme Sequence 3), 2005

John Haughey - Portals
from Perigean Tide, Waxing Crescent Records, 2022

The Lonely Bell - Marine Life
from Kingdoms of the Deep, Shady Ridge Records, 2022

Dennis Young - Circuit Breaker
from Compass Rose, Waxing Crescent Records, 2022

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