Feb. 14, 2023

Mixed Bag Murmurs #036

Mixed Bag Murmurs #036

Latest Electroacoustic and Experimental music podcast
Tracks from:::
David Colohan, Bendu, Xuxurlatu, Otto Sidharta, Field Lines Cartographer, Polypores, Keith Seatman, Autumna

David Colohan - The Quoit & The Cove
from A Lunar Standstill, Woodford Halse Tapes, 3rd March 2023

Bendu - Word For Dot
from Portaling, Werra Foxma Records, 2023

Xuxurlatu - Ilunabarra
from Ama, Bricolage, 24th February 2023

Otto Sidharta - Kerrikil
from Kajang, Sub Rosa, 2022/2023

Field Lines Cartographer - Hypogeum
from This Vibrating Earth, Castles In Space, 2023

Polypores - Our Tiny Orbits
from Praedormitium, Castles In Space, 2023

Keith Seatman - Burial at Bevills Leam (Extended)
from 12"/Digital, Castles In Space, 2023

Autumna - Cat Skills
from My Heart is a Chainsaw, Preston Capes, 3rd March 2023

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