March 31, 2023

Mixed Bag Murmurs #042

Mixed Bag Murmurs #042

Electro-Acoustic and Experimental Music Podcast
Tracks from:::
Paul Cousins, Eric Angelo Bessel, Tor Lundvall,
Holsen / Cassiers, The All Golden, Allan Murphy,
Flore Laurentienne, Tape Loop Orchestra

PAUL COUSINS - Beams Of Light
from Vanishing Artefacts, Castles In Space, 14 April 2023


insta: @paulcousinsmusic / @castlesinspace

twitter: @paulcousins / @CastlesInSpace

ERIC ANGELO BESSEL - A Tap On The Shoulder
from Visitation, Lore City Music, 21 April 2023

twitter: @LoreCityMusic

TOR LUNDVALL - Two Windows
from Beautiful Illusions, Dais Records

insta: @tor.lundvall / @daisrecords

twitter: @daisrecords

HOLSEN / CASSIERS - Walking In Circles
from Walking In Circles, Stroom, 2023


THE ALL GOLDEN - Thunderhead
from Yestereven, Woodford Halse, 07 April 2023

insta: @woodfordhalsetapes

twitter: @woodford_halse

ALLAN MURPHY - The Library Clock
from Slow Life, Preston Capes Tapes, 07 April 2023

insta: @woodfordhalsetapes

twitter: @woodford_halse

from Volume II, Costume Records, 2022

insta: florelaurentienne_

TAPE LOOP ORCHESTRA - Situated Presence
from Temporal In-Betweens, Self Release, 2023

insta: @andrewboats

twitter: @andrewboats

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