May 12, 2023

Mixed Bag Murmurs #043

Mixed Bag Murmurs #043

Tracks from:::
Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan, Pulvil, Paul Cousins, Maud The Moth & Trajedesaliva,The Remakquels, Mercurial, Fragile X, Cholly, Euan Dalgarno, Greg Nieuwsma & Antonello Perfetto

Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan - Thelwall Viaduct
from The Nation's Most Central Location, Castles In Space, 19th May, 2023

Pulvil - Palinopsia
from Asura, Decaying Spheres, 2023

Paul Cousins - Broken Patches Of Sky
from Vanishing Artefacts, Castles In Space, 2023

Maud The Moth + Trajedesaliva - Habitantes del Desgarro
from Bordando el manto terrestre, Woodford Halse/ Time Released Sound 26th May, 2023

The Remakquels - Getting Used to Not Getting Used to It
from Lost Wisdom, Heavy Cloud, 2023

Mercurial - Cosmic Redemption
from Cosmic Redemption, Muteant Sounds, 2022/2023

Fragile X - Quiemachina (Exit Brain Left)
from The Great Brain Robbery, Bricolage, 2023

Cholly - Circles
from Anomaly, Werra Foxma Records, 2023

Euan Dalgarno - The Aircrash (in Slow Motion)
from ZasquintE, Not Yet Released Records, 2023

Greg Nieuwsma & Antonello Perfetto - Earth: Chapter 5
from Earth, Submarine Broadcasting Company, 2023

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