Jan. 9, 2023

This, That and the OTHER 014

This, That and the OTHER 014

Show first broadcast on The Cavern 8th January 2023

Tracks from:::
Pastor John Rydgren, Death by Chocolate, Citizen Bravo, Chrome, The Holy Family, Ozric Tentacles, Winston's Fumbs, Weltraum, Stanton T. Friedman, Bodkin, Mother Gong, Landing

Pastor John Rydgren - Hippie Version of the 23rd Psalm
from Silhouette Segments

Death by Chocolate - The Salvador Dali Murder Mystery
from Death By Chocolate, 2001

Citizen Bravo - I Believe In Bugs
from Return To Y'Hup The World Of Ivor Cutler, 2020

Chrome - Off The Line
from 3rd From The Sun, 1982

The Holy Family - World You Are Coming To
from The Holy Family, 2021

Ozric Tentacles - San Pedro
from The YumYum Tree, 2009

Winston's Fumbs - Real Crazy Apartment
from Nuggets II

Weltraum - Spiral3
from NYX, Tonzonen Records, 2019

Stanton T. Friedman - UFO's
from The Occult Explosion, United Artists, 1973

Bodkin - Aunty Mary's Trashcan
from Bodkin, 1972

Mother Gong - Magenta
from She Made The World - Magenta, Voiceprint, 1993

Landing - Music for Three Synthesizers
from Brocade, 2005