Feb. 19, 2023

This, That and the OTHER - 05 February 2023

This, That and the OTHER - 05 February 2023

This show was never broadcast.
Publically posted for historical/archival purposes.

Trackage from:::
Ken Kesey, Dzyan, Møtrik, The Advancement, Terje Rypdal, Scott Walker, Food Brain, No-Neck Blues Band, Sunburned Circle, Nurse With Wound, Upupayāma, The Spacious Mind

Ken Kesey - The Head Has Become Fat

Dzyan - For Earthly Thinking
from Electric Silence, 1974

Møtrik - Unifox
from Artificial Head, Jealous Butcher Records, 2000

The Advancement - Painful Struggle
from The Advancement, 1970

Terje Rypdal - Dead Man's Tale
from Bleak House, 1968

Scott Walker - Buzzers
from The Drift, 4AD, 2006

Food Brain - The Hole In A Sausage
from Social Gathering = 晩餐, 1970

No-Neck Blues Band - The Hungrier I get
from The Collective Imaginings Of Quantarenius, Cook, & Co., Sound@One, 2005

Sunburned Circle - Variksenpelatin
from The Blaze Game, 2007

Nurse With Wound - Space Funk With Springs
from Who Can I Turn to Stereo, 1996

Upupayāma - Cuckoos From the House of Golden Tin
from The Golden Pond, 2022

The Spacious Mind - To Earth With Love
from Sleepy Eyes And Butterflies, Gates of Dawn, 1995

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