March 26, 2023

This, That and the OTHER - 26 March 2023

This, That and the OTHER - 26 March 2023

This week's show features tracks from:::

People Like Us, Barney Bungle & Klarence Kleen, Mecanica Popular, Kramer, Loop, Frank Zappa, Chris Carter, Adrian Shaw, Bo Hansson, Ismo Laakso, Moon Goose, Sunburned Hand of the Man, IAH, Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere, Sun City Girls, Heldon, Hidria Spacefolk, Nurse With Wound, People, Expo 70, Alan Watts, Refrigerator Mothers

People Like Us - Music of Your Own
from Recyclopaedia Britannica (Selected Works 1992-2002), 2002

Barney Bungle & Klarence Kleen - The UFO Landing
from Single, 1973

Mecanica Popular - La Edad Del Bronce
from ¿Qué Sucede Con El Tiempo?, 1984/2026

Kramer - Or Perhaps You Imagined It All
from Music For Films Edited By Moths, 2022

Loop - Interference
from Sonancy, 2022

Frank Zappa - Tiny Sick Tears (Bronx NY 1969)
from You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 4, 2012

Chris Carter - Modularity
from Chemistry Lessons Volume One, Mute, 2018

Adrian Shaw - Preoccupied
from Displaced Person, Woronzow, 1996

Bo Hansson - Delad Verklighet
from Ur Trollkarlens Hatt, 1972/2002

Ismo Laakso - The Favourites of the Emperor
from Ofelia, 2018

Moon Goose - Great Halls of Broken Tools
from La Nuit, Fruits de Mer, 2022

Sunburned Hand of the Man - Nice Butterfly Mask
from Fire Escape, 2007

IAH - Naga
from Omines, 2022

Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere - The Umbral Length of Shadows
from Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere, 2012

Sun City Girls - Chameleon 2000
from Severed Finger With A Wedding Ring, 2000

Heldon - Antelast Three
from Antelast, 2022

Hidria Spacefolk - Pangaia
from Symbiosis, 2002

Nurse With Wound - Swamp Rat
from Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountains, 1987

People - Shomyo Part 1
from Ceremony ~ Buddha Meet Rock, 1971

Expo 70 - Trajectory Rhythms
from Journey Through Astral Projection, 2012

Alan Watts - Readings from Hindu Scriptures
from Om - The Sound Of Hinduism, 1967

Refrigerator Mothers - Bedding Down the Revolution with a Mouth Full of Shit!
from Ghosts Of A Primitive World, 2006

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